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GORILA EV - Performance, functionality and a full range of standard safety features.

The Gorila EV is based on compact design and is well suited to many users looking for environmental benefits whilst cutting operational costs associated with traditional vehicles.

It is an ideal city car for either professional or domestic use.

The Gorila EV is very economical because it only uses electrical energy as its power source. Also depending on electrical power company rate fees, the running cost can be reduced further by charging the battery when off-peak (late night) rates apply.

The Gorila EV delivers a quiet and comfortable monitoring experience with a single charge of 100 Km. This gives it a range that is ample for everyday.

For charging is connected to a standard 100-volt or 200 volt domestic outlet using the charging cables supplied with the vehicle.

The Gorila EV is fully automatic and well suited to slow speeds of city or town traffic although it is limited by its top speed on faster road.